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We've upped the ante with this vase by adding a daring twist – a large, red sphere that confidently defies the laws of gravity as it nonchalantly lounges on one side of the vase. It's like the vase is saying, "Hey, I've got the weight of the world on one shoulder, and I'm still holding it together with style!"

Red Chequered Harlequin Vase

  • Production process
    This vase is hand-built and decorated in our studio at THISS.




    W: 11cm L: 20cm H: 25cm


    Cleaning instructions
    Wipe the product's surface with a soft, slightly damp sponge or cloth.


    This is a handmade piece created in a small pottery studio; each piece is unique and presented here as an exemplar. Slight variations or imperfections within the product's glaze, shape and surfaces may be present but do not affect its quality or use.

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