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If you're ready to embrace the lighter side of life (and maybe even some dark humor), this ashtray is here to add a touch of whimsy to your smoking. Get yours today and let your lungs know that you appreciate their never-ending dedication to adventure – even if it involves a little smoke and a lot of irony!

Lungs Cake Ashtray

  • Production process
    These ashtrays are hand-built and decorated in our studio at THISS.




    Ø: 13cm H: 3cm


    Cleaning instructions
    Wipe the product's surface with a soft, slightly damp sponge or cloth.


    This is a handmade piece created in a small pottery studio; each piece is unique and presented here as an exemplar. Slight variations or imperfections within the product's glaze, shape and surfaces may be present but do not affect its quality or use.

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